Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VFW Cowboy Breakfast

This is a Pendleton tradition during Round-Up! You'll be served pancakes, eggs, ham, coffee, milk and juice Wednesday through Saturday September 10-13, 2008, 6 am -10 am in Stillman Park . Enjoy live country music, sharing a table with the townfolk and a general good time. This is a cowboy breakfast; ain't no breakfast for sissy's depending on the time of morning it can get cold so bring a jacket. To locate a map of where Stillman Park is go to:

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Mike said...

My Dad Ted Rozumny used to Cook and Be a part of the VFW at Pendleton Round uP Breakfast each year. I had the recipe for those awesome pancakes too. Wish I could find it now as they are the best Buttermilk pancakes ever. My family and I live far away now and Grandpa Ted passed away 20 years ago. Sure miss thos pancakes.